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Smartbuyforever is a leading seeds provider for several years! We provide Fresh & high quality Heirloom seeds, Non-Gmo and Organic seeds to home gardeners and other’s growers! Our main offerings: Hundreds of heirloom, rare, beautiful Flowers and Herb and Vegetable seeds. Especially we provide hard to find Herb and Flowers seeds! Guidance to germinate pepper seeds. 1. Taking up to four weeks to germinate, peppers vary by type and germination is affected by the temperature of the growing medium. Start peppers indoors at least nine weeks before you plan to plant outside. Planting outside is done when soil has warmed in the spring and all danger of frost is past. Harden seedlings off before planting outside using a 6 x 6 rule; when they reach 6 inches in height or are six weeks old. Hardening off requires ten days to two weeks; put pepper seedlings out in a sheltered spot during the day and bring in every night. 2. Sow peppers in your containers on the top of your starting mix, then sprinkle just enough mix to cover them. Plant pepper seeds no deeper than ? inch; they should not be buried. Water containers till the soil mix is completely damp, but don't soak. Label the containers so that you'll be able to tell which type of seedlings are sprouting. Use masking tape with the pepper variety written on it. 3.Cover the seed containers with cling wrap to create a mini greenhouse. Slip small containers inside 1 gallon plastic bags. Keeping pepper seeds warm helps germination. Check for condensation and lift off the wrap for a few minutes a day if too much moisture is present. Once seedlings have sprouted the wrap can be removed completely. 4. Use a grow light for warmth or put containers in a warm sunny location. Check the starting mix once a day--it should always be damp and warm. Spray with a mister to moisten so the soil over the seeds is not disturbed. Look for signs of seedlings. Germination occurs at different rates according to pepper type and soil warmth. Keep soil at 75 degrees for best results. 5.Seedling Care Peppers don't need light to germinate but the seedlings must be provided with eight hours of sunlight once they sprout. Place them in a brightly lit area where the temperatures never drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Water the seedlings when the soil surface feels dry, but avoid wetting the pepper leaves. Fertilize the seedlings with a diluted soluble fertilizer once a week. Dilute the fertilizer to one-fourth the recommended rate on the label or apply it at the dilution recommended for seedlings. ALL SEED LOTS ARE TESTED FOR GERMINATION PLEASE SEE MY OTHER SEED LISTING. TIPS: Combined shipping is available on all items that are purchased and paid at one time. We offer you good quality seeds and best price! We ship same day our sold items! Sometime usps Rubber stamps and scanner machine pressing the seed bag and decrease the seeds germinating Rate, Our suggest buy at last 3 packs then we can send to you by protective shipping way. Guarantee! you will get good germinating rate! Buy with confidence! Customer Service: please email us before you leaving any Negative or Neutral feedback or open any dispute on ebay /paypal , otherwise it will hurt both of us. Your success is our success. If you feel like you cannot leave us a 5 star rating or if you have any issues with your order, like damaged or wrong items etc...please just send us a note and we'll promptly resolve the issue for you.I will always try my best to solve the problem!

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