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100 SEEDS RADISH "DIAKON" NON-GMO HEIRLOOM FRESH 2020 SOURCED IN BULK FROM MAIN STREET SEEDS Tracking available for all orders $10 and above. Orders under $10 will be shipped USPS First Class without tracking as this service begins at $3 with the Postal Service. If your order does not qualify for tracking and does not arrive in the allotted time given by Ebay, please reach out to me before opening a case within the resolution center. Planting GuideVEGETABLE CROPSPACE SEEDS APART IN ROWSDISTANCE BETWEEN ROWSDEPTH TO PLANT SEED IN INCHESDAYS TO GERM. (APPROXIMATELY)DAYS TO MATURE CROPBROCCOLI18-24"24-36"1/4"10100-130CABBAGE12-18"24-36"1/4"975-80CANTALOUPES3-4"6-8'1"785-90CARROTS1-3"18-24"1/4"8100-120CAULIFLOWER18-24"24-36"1/4"10120-150COLLARDS12-24"18-24"1/4"1060-90CUCUMBER1-3"3-6'1"760-90EGGPLANT18-24"24-36"1/4"10120-130KALE12-24"18-24"1/4"1050-60LETTUCE6-12"18-24"1/8"760-90MUSTARD12-24"18-24"1/4"750-60ONIONS, DRY STAGE2-3"15-30"1/4"10140-180PEPPERS15-20"18-30"1/4"1075-120RADISH1"12-18"1/2"628-36RUTABAGA6-8"18-24"1/2"970-100TOMATO18-36"3-6'1/4"860-90Highest Germination RatesIt is very important to keep your seeds consistently moist until they germinate. Moist like a damp sponge. Also we do not recommend direct seeding of tomatoes, peppers, or eggplants, as they are the hardest seeds to germinate. Please use a controlled environment like a seed starter tray with a dome, or the paper towel method (the method we use most often to test germination). Highest germination results best between 70° and 85° fahrenheit.