1980 Honda CB

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Vehicle TitleClear
TypeCafé Racer
TitleHonda CB750 Cafe Racer Build CB 750 550 360 350
SubTitleHonda CB750 Cafe Racer Build CB 750 550 360 350
VIN Number8436937435
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THESE MOTORCYCLES ARE BUILT TO ORDER AT RESTOMOTO IN WEST COLUMBIA SC. BUILD TIME AVERAGES 4-6 MONTHS. UPGRADE OPTIONS AVAILABLE ABOVE THE "STANDARD" BUILD PURCHASE OF DONOR BIKE REQUIRED. WE HAVE SEVERAL DONOR BIKES AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE FROM 1972-1981 CB750'S STANDARD BUILD: $7200 · Gets rider into Café Racer/Scrambler/Brat style motorcycle · Frame is modified for style · Parts are selected from the STANDARD List · SAFE and Reliable motorcycle with minimal maintenance · Upgrading of parts and features easily performed by Rider as budget allows · PROCESS: · FULL DISASEMBLY AND INSPECTION · FRAME MODIFICATION & WELDING o Tail hoop for chosen seat o Removing unused tabs, pins, holders o Rear triangle plate o Electronics tray · SAND BLASTING & POWDER COATING o Frame & Swing Arm o Wheels & Sprocket Hub o Lower Forks o Triple Tree o Rearsets o Calipers & Rear Brake Hub o Sprocket & Starter Cover · ENGINE o Compression & Leak Test o Gaskets Replaced § Oil Pan § Stator Cover § Transmision & Gear Seal § Points Cover § Oil Screen Cleaned o Timing Chain Adjusted o Sand Blasted & Enameled to Color Choice · BEARING & BUSHING REPLACEMENT o Head Bearings & Races (2) o Wheel Bearings (4) o Sprocket Hub (1) o Rear Suspension Upper Bushing o Swingarm Lower Suspension Bushing · SUSPENSION o Fork Interior Cleaned & Seal Seat Surfaces Polished o Fork Seals & Dust Caps o Fork Drains & Oil o Rear Suspension & Acorn Nuts Replaced · TUNE & OIL o Engine Oil, Filter, and Gaskets o Swing Arm Bearings inspected and Greased o UNI Crankcase Breather Filters Installed (2) o Carburetor § Disassembled, Soda Blasted, and Ultrasonic Cleaned § Gaskets, Jets, Floats, Drains, and Accelerator Pump Replaced § Filters or Velocity Stacks § Fuel/Air Adjusted & Synched · HARDWARE o Handlebars or Clip On (Removal of Handlebar Mounts) o Grips o Seat (4-1) o Suspension (4-1) o Rubber or Sport Pegs o Kick Starter, Kickstand, Spring, Shifter Rubbers Replaced · BRAKE SYSTEM o Master Cylinder 15.4mm with Pressure Switch o Braided Brake Lines, Brake Pads & Hardware o Caliper Inside Polished, Seals Replaced o Rotor Turned/Cleaned and Black Inside Enameled · FUEL o Tank Style Chosen, Tank Inspected and Re-Lined o Petcock, Fuel Filter, and Fuel Lines o One Color, Decal or Emblem, Black Underline o Tank Cap and Hardware Sand Blasted and Painted · ELECTRICAL o Battery & Fuse Box Replaced o Stator & Grounding Cables Replaced and Rerouted o Left and Right Controls Cleaned and Lubricated o Ignition Replaced & Relocated o Starter & Flashing Relays Replaced o Headlight, Housing, and Brackets Replaced o LED Taillight & Turn Signals o Wiring Inspected and Rerouted o Spark Plug Boots & Wire o Analog Speedometer · DRIVE SYSTEM o Chain Replaced o Tires, Tubes, Valve Stems, and Rim Strips o Wheels Balanced & Axle Greased · EXHAUST o Exhaust Headers Enameled o Exhaust Muffler Tip & Gaskets Replaced · TESTING & QA o Torque Specs Checked o Bike & Engine Road Tested o Torque Specs Re-Checked o Electrical and Suspension Tolerances are Checked and Adjusted o Build Binder Generated o Photo Shoot of Bike for Records STANDARD MOTORCYCLE BUILD RANGE $5000-$6000 · Rider can bring their own motorcycle · STANDARD Package can be applied to other models (350, 450, 550, 650, 750) · Based on condition and type of the motorcycle supplied · 30% Deposit Required to lock in the build +50% Options · 35% Additional payment Required once frame and paint are complete (4-6 Weeks) · Final payment due at the time of completion · 12-16 week build time · Contract and options selected at the West Columbia Shop via appointment or over the phone. · Insured Shipping is available Nationwide ($200-$700) Depending on location OPOTIONS, UPGRADES, PERFORMANCE, MODIFICATIONS · Package summaries briefly explain what the package supplies and improves on the motorcycle. · It is not necessary to select the entire package · Packages are broken down into the individual components for the Rider to choose · 50% Deposit required on selected options ELECTRICAL – LED and Integration of headlights, taillights, and turn signals. Electrical wire and component replacement. Upgraded controls, speedometer, and Lithium battery. STYLE & COMFORT – Premium paint choice in metallic, 3 stage, stripes, two tones, etc. Upgraded leather seats, saddlebags, and tool rolls. CNC motorcycle parts. ENGINE & DRIVE - Oil pressure gauge installed on the engine, Clutch is replaced along with all the associated hardware. Sprocket changes for +1/-1 Combinations or to restore worn out parts. HANDLING & SUSPENSION – Steering dampers increases the stability of the motorcycle during the ride. Progressive suspension improves the ride quality and handling of the motorcycle. These components are also available from Ohlins. EXHAUST – Header wrap options along with increased options for exhaust. Full performance exhaust systems are available. STEALTH - Wiring is re-routed with custom wire harness to minimize exposure of wires. Electrical component tray is manufactured to support electrical components. Wires will often be routed through the frame and bars. Keyless and Bluetooth Capability. PERFORMANCE – Keihin Carburetors and dynamometer tuning for increased performance. Vintage racing and performance tires from your favorite manufacturer. Breaking system upgrades that include Brembo and sport bike components. Engine builds are available in several stages using performance pistons, cams, valves, springs and clutch. INVERTED FORKS & SINGLE SIDED SWINGARM – Donor forks sourced from 600-750cc sport bike. Forks are rebuilt and modifications to the triple tree are made. This is a major upgrade. Recommend pairing with upgraded suspension and dampening. Single sided upgrade is made using Ducati swing arms. A pairing of Ducati single sided swing arm and Ducati forks is recommended. OPTIONSELECTRICALLED or Integrated Headlight (Halo/Cage) 180 $ Integrated Tail Light LED 150 $ Integrated Strip Tail Light LED on Hoop or Seat 320 $ Electric Speedometer 360 $ Antigravity Lithium Battery (8 Cell-Required when open triangle desired on build) 195 $ Electrical Upgrade (Coils $120, Rectifier $120,Diode $20, OEM Wire Harness $140, Fuse Box $90, Spark Units $190, Points $250)(Average Pricing) 680 $ Ricks MotorSports Electric Lithoum Regulator (Recomended if using Lithium Battery) 140 $ Premium Electrical (Stator $220, Starter $270) 490 $ Charlie’s Place Electronic Ignition $270STEALTH PACKAGE & MOTOGADGETMotoGadget M.Unit, M.Button, Electrical Tray, Routing, Installation (REQUIRED) 880 $ Left and Right Eletrical Switches by MotoGadget (Reg / Mini) 290-320CNC Triple Tree Top Clamp 250 $ CNC Triple Tree Stem Nut 55 $ Slealth Fork Tube Caps (Progressive Fork Spring Recommended if Air Suspension) 75 $ Motogadget M.Lock Keyless Ingition (FOB Operated) 2 FOBS 290 $ Aux Push Button with Choice of Placement (For Accent Lights, Bike Start, etc) 120 $ Aluminum Grips MotoGadget 160 $ Soft Grips MotoGadget 40 $ Bar End Turn Signals MotoGadget 330 $ Electrical Harness Integration into the Frame & Body (Minimize Wire Exposure) 650 HANDLING & SUSPENSIONSteering Damper-Fork Mounted 360 $ Ohlins Steering Damper Fork Mounted 650 $ Progressive Fork Springs & Valves 260 $ Fork Tubes (Required if execessive pitting on original forks) 150-250Progressive Rear Shocks 320 $ Ohlins Rear Shocks 650 $ Ohlins Rear Shocks External Reservoir 770ENGINE & DRIVEOil Pressure Gauge Engine Mounted 150 $ Clutch (Plates, Seal, Gasket, Cable, Springs) 290 $ Front and Rear Sprokets (Any Size) 120 $ Carburator Intake Boots & Clamps 160 $ Throttle Cables, Clutch Cable 120 $ FAIRINGSFront Windscreen Fairing & Rear Cowl 350 $ Front Wheel Fairing 120 $ Rear Wheel Fairing 150 $ PERFORMANCEPerformance Carburator 1,200 $ Performance Tires (Dunlop, Pirelli, Metzler) MKT Dynamometer Tune, Recorded Data, Jet Changes, Adjustments, 2-3 Runs 450 $ Dual Calipers, Performance Pads, Drilled Rotors 450-550Brembo Package (RCS-15 Master, Brembo Reservoir, Brembo/Performance Pads) 480 $ Engine Build Stage 1 2,200 $ Engine Build Stage 2 2,900 $ Engine Build Stage 3 4,000 $ Machine Shop $300-MKT INVERTED GOLD FORKS & SINGLE SIDED SWINGARM Dual Calipers, Dual Drilled Rotors, Brake Pads, Brake Lines, Triple Tree, Sport Wheel, Sport Tire, Upgraded Master, Fork Seals $1600 and Up Single Sided Swingarm, Sport Wheel, Sport Tire, Monoshock $2200 and Up NOTES RestoMoto Mario Sias Engineer / Builder West Columbia SC