1980 Honda CB

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PRICE COMPARISON If you look at closed auctions on Ebay for 1978 thru 1984 Honda CB750's, you will find some that sold for over $5,000.00, and they don't have anywhere near the eye appeal or "bling" factor that this bike does, unless you like boring paint colors and generic "utility" type styling etc. Also, many of these older bikes like this one are appreciating in value, while later models, and new bikes are decreasing in value. THIS BIKE IS 100% ORIGINAL EXCEPT FOR THE FRONT TIRE This is a rare bike because it is is the first year of the new (back to vintage look) body style, and they only made this style for 3 years, after which they changed to the Nighthawk version which no longer has the "vintage/classic" look. The previous body style was boring and uninspiring, (ie utterly lame). This is also the only 4 cylinder motorcycle of any size that Honda ever made with the very rare SD (non vacuum operated) type carburetors, which is nearly as good as having a set Mikuni's (which is what most people run on actual race bikes), because the SD carbs provide better mid and top end performance than the vacuum slide carburetors. PHOTOS They are high resolution so you can see details well, however, I did not have time to wash it before I took them so you will see some dirt as well, lol, but I will wash it and take more photos as soon as I get time. STORED INDOORS IN DRY CLIMATE The bike has never been near the ocean, so there is no corrosion from the salt air. It has always been in the Southern California low desert area and was stored indoors when not in use. PAINT COLOR This is the only year that Honda made this exact color of red. It is 3 stage candy metallic, and it glows like fire in the sun, unfortunately, the photos do not nearly do it justice, so it must be seen in person to be appreciated. PAINT CONDITION It is 100% original, and is as nice as any original bike of this era I have seen. The tank is nearly flawless, with only 3 very small and faint scratches in the clear coat that are not down to the color. They are at the front edge of the seat and are barely noticeable and may polish out but I'm not going to attempt it. There is 1 scratch on the right side cover that is around 1/2" long and is through the clear, but it doesn't look horrible. The rest of the side cover is perfect. The left side cover is perfect. The tank and side cover decals are perfect. CHROME The chrome is in very nice condition throughout. CRASH BAR It is a factory HONDALINE bar, and was installed by the dealer when the bike was new. CB650 VS CB750 WEIGHT, PERFORMANCE, AND HANDLING This bike takes off like a screaming rocket once it gets into the power band at 3500 rpm. Oddly enough, even though the CB750 has more horsepower than the CB650, the 650 accelerates just as fast, which is due to the fact that it weighs a whopping 75 pounds (or 20%) less than the 750 model. The CB750 is also noticeably top heavy compared to the CB650, this is partially due to the fact that everything on top of the engine cases is bigger on a 750. This top heavy feeling adversely affects how the 750 turns and carves a mountain road as well, where the CB650 actually turns extremely well for not being a road race oriented bike, and does not have the feeling of being "slow" turning, nor does it feel like it wants to fall into the turn. MAINTENANCE The bike received regular maintenance before I bought it and below is what I have recently done. CARBURETORS - Disassembled and inspected even though it was running fine, and they looked like new inside, and there was no corrosion or dried fuel build up and the needles and seats were like new and did not leak etc. I then set the idle mix screws to the best setting. FRONT BRAKES - Installed new pads and disassembled the master cylinder and caliper to inspect for corrosion and there was none so I reassembled them and installed new fluid. REAR BRAKES - Installed new shos and inspected wheel bearings whivh were good and inspected brake drum for corrosion and heavy wear and there was none. IGNITION TIMING - Checked setting and it was correct. OIL & OIL FILTER - Installed new. AIR FILTER - Installed new. WHEEL SPOKES - Checked for tightness with spoke wrench. CAM CHAIN TENSION - I adjusted it. TIRES The only thing the bike needs to drive across the Country is new tires. It still has the original rear tire on it, and it is not safe to drive on 40 year old tires. I left the old tires on it to not only prove the mileage is correct, but also because some people are picky about what type of tires they like, and I didn't want to spend money on tires someone may not like. If you need new tires on it before you take it, I can get some installed for the cost of the tires only. INSTRUMENT CLUSTER Everything looks showroom new. The red paint on the gauge dials is not faded from the sun and the glass is crystal clear. The black metal housing around the ignition switch does not have any scratches because the original owners only used one key, so there weren't other keys on a key chain bouncing around on it. The white print on the choke know isn't even faded or worn and looks showroom new. CHROME No pitting or fading/dulling on the handle bars or fenders or tail lite housing. The chrome on the wheels is nice but the front rim has a couple very small pits in one area only. The chrome on the rear axle adjusters and adjuster bolts and nuts looks virtually like new, and the chain adjuster decal is still there and looks like new. The rear axle looks like new. The chrome and hardware on the rear brake arm looks like new. The chrome on the rear shocks and springs is still very nice and looks nearly new, and the shocks still have the original stickers which look nearly new. HARDWARE Almost all of the nuts and bolts that were shiny originally still look showroom new. INSPECTION I am available to show it most any time. SHIPPING I can help with shipping if you need. cb350 cb400 cb450 cb500 cb900 cb1000 cb1100