1983 Honda CB

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Sub Model (Optional)Supersport
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Exterior ColorRed
Engine Size (cc)1100
Vehicle TitleClean
WarrantyVehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
VIN NumberJH2SC1100DM002292
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*************** PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT "BUY" THIS MOTORCYCLE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY MONEY, IF YOU ARE WANTING TO USE YOUR CREDIT CARD, OR IF YOU KNOW YOUR WIFE WILL SAY "NO" ****************** YOU ARE GROWN ADULTS, ACT LIKE IT. As you can see, this motorcycle is back up for sale after someone "bought" it. They then changed their minds the next day. Act as an adult and be thorough with your thoughts, actions, and decisions. **************** PLEASE LOOK AT ALL PICTURES, WATCH ALL OF THE VIDEOS, AND ASK ANY QUESTION YOU MAY HAVE PRIOR TO BIDDING **************** If you would like to see any other work of mine, please go to the following...- Instagram = @motorcycles_and_art- Website = www.motorcyclesandart.com Thanks for looking! For your convenience, there is an entire video series documenting the restoration of this BEAUTIFUL motorcycle located at the bottom of the page. There was a lot of work put into this unique motorcycle to get it back into the beautiful state the she is now in and the videos will bring you through it from start to finish. If you are looking at this motorcycle then I'm sure you know that it is a "one year only" bike here in the States. Honda really did it right with this bike by displaying Honda's superb engineering and design. I swear this bike feels tighter and has more power than most modern sport bikes that I have rode. This is Honda's original muscle bike. This is all ORIGINAL PAINT. It was all taken apart and all of the side covers, fairings, fenders, and tank was meticulously sanded and polished to bring the paint back to dealership floor condition. I had a friend over the other day (who is not really into bikes) and they seriously thought it was a brand new bike. That is how beautiful this bike turned out. The frame was also sanded and polished by hand. There were a few small spots on the frame that were touched up. I absolutely LOVE original paint. I really do not care how bad the paint is but when the original paint is this good, DANG, it is a completely different story. Even the seat is original and absolutely gorgeous. There is a very, very small split on one of the seams on the right hand side. Please look in the photos. You barely see it but I just want to make sure you know about it. Even the dash is immaculate. The clear plastic is crystal clear. By now, most clear plastic has turned yellow or has cracked. There is a tiny nick here and there in the paint but for a 37 year old motorcycle, this paint is probably a 9 out of 10. THERE ARE STILL OF OF THE WARNING DECALS ON THE BIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!! The bike starts right up and runs great. I was pleasantly surprised on how tight the engine runs. In one of the videos of me riding the bike, I describe the engine sound to be like the sound of a Jetson car. It just sounds right. This bike has POWER! Here is a list of the work that was performed..... - New front tire- Front wheel bearing cleaned and lubed- Front calipers rebuilt- New front brake pads- Front brake lines cleaned out- New fork seals- New fork oil- Speedometer cable cleaned and lubed- Triple tree bearing cleaned and lubed- Tachometer cable cleaned and lubed- All dash lights cleaned and/or replaced- Hand controls cleaned/lubed (contacts)- Choke cable cleaned and lubed- New OEM Honda grips (correct oem)- Front brake master- Throttle cables cleaned and lubed- Throttle tube and assemble cleaned and lubed- Fuel tank cleaned out (shiny bare metal clean!)- Petcock cleaned/rebuilt- Valve lash checked- Carburetors rebuilt (vapor blasted, new carb kit, new shaft seals, bowl gaskets, synched, etc, etc..)- New fuel lines- New fuel filte- Vacuum petcock rebuilt and vapor blasted- New air filter- Fresh oil- New oil filter- All electrical connected pulled, cleaned, lubed- New battery- All lights work - New reproduction blinkers- Rear shock fluid replaced- New rear tire- New sprocket - Rear wheel bearing cleaned and lubed- Rear brake master rebuilt- New brake hose from rear brake master to reservoir - Rear brake caliper rebuilt- Rear brake line cleaned- Swingarm pivot lubed- All paint was "cut and buffed"- Clutch adjusted (two finger pull)- All hardware was re-attached using LocTite- New carburetor intake boots (4)- New Spark plugs (4)- All cables, chain, etc adjusted correctly That is all I can think of right now and I'm sure I have forgot about some stuff but as you can see, there was a lot of work that went into this classic. I would sat that this bike falls into NADA's "Excellent" level. You would have no problem displaying this at a vintage bike show. Hell, you would probably win a trophy with it.. Please keep in mind, this is an ORIGINAL bike. It even has the original tool kit with all of the tools still in it. I would of posted more pictures but I hit the limit. If you would like to see a certain part of the bike, please email me. As far as the history of the bike.... I purchased this motorcycle outside of a small Texas town of Blanco. It had sat in a shed since 1995. The older gentleman who owned the bike bought used from a dealership in 1995, rode it once or twice then parked it. He told me it came from Arizona but it has a Kansas title so I really have no idea. Maybe he had a story or two mixed up. Either way, he bought it in 1995 and just parked it. It sat for 24 years there in that shed. If you do not have any Ebay history, please email me so I know you are legit. If you do not email me and have zero Ebay history, I will block you. A Paypal deposit is not required however, the entire balance needs to be paid within 7 days after purchase. Please have payment in bank transfer, a certified check, or money orders. I will overnight you the title and keys once payment has been received. Shipping is your responsibility. I suggest Uship. I have shipped bikes from here for around $400-. You can keep the bike here as long as you need to line up some shipping. There is no problem with storing it for you.. I will also assist the shippers and take pictures of the entire process for you. The battery will be unhooked and the fuel drained. Once again, please look at all of the pictures, watch all of the videos (listed below), and ask all questions prior to purchasing this motorcycle. Oh, if you do not have permission from your wife, please do not waste our time. ************** CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEOS **************** STARTING ON THE 1983 HONDA CB1100F !!!!!! Video will open in a new window Using the mobile app? Copy this link into your browser: