5901443055877 Mysz IBOX Aurora A-2 IMOGS989 (optyczna; 6400 DPI; kolor czarny) I

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Mysz IBOX Aurora A-2 IMOGS989 (optyczna; 6400 DPI; kolor czarny)IBOXRozmiar układu: Po prawej stronieKolor produktu: CzarnyOświetlenie: TakLiczba kolorów iluminacji: 5Rodzaj oświetlenia: LEDIlość: 1Przeznaczenie: BiuroInterfejs urządzenia: USBTechnologia wykrywania ruchu: OptycznyTyp przewijania (scroll type): KołoLiczba przycisków: 7Rozdzielczość ruchu: 6400 DPIRekomendowane użycie: PCCzęstotliwość Polling rate: 1000 HzRodzaj przycisków: Wciskane przyciskiDługość kabla: 1,8 mpkwiu: All electric tools in our offer come from European market and they all are working on 230V voltage Shipping info:We usually send out all products within 48 hours after we see money on our bank or PayPal account. We do not ship using the Cash On Delivery (COD) option. For shipping cost please contact us and we will find the best and cheapest way to send products! For customers outside of the UE we can ship using the 0% VAT procedures! The buyer is responsible to pay custom duty. Payment info:BZ WBK (Swift key:BKPPLPP) Tomasz Kozub18 1090 1665 0000 0001 2261 2449 (PLN)02 1090 1665 0000 0001 3236 5505 (EUR)93 1090 1665 0000 0001 2373 3971 (USD)You can pay us using the bank accounts which are above (choose what currency would you like: PLN, EUR or USD) or PayPal. About us:We run our shop since 2010. For our customers convenience we decided to start selling on Ebay! Our experience allows us to offer best, branded and original products only in best prices. In product description you will find info about guarantee. We add receipt to every product, if you would like to receive invoice - let us know and we will add invoice. We do not cover any fees and taxes charged by customs authorities of the recipient country address: Baby Shop Ul. Świętokrzyska 23 32-500 Chrzanów Poland