5-Pack Grow Bag Fabric with Handles Gardening Planter Pot for Fruit, Vegetable

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TypeGrow bags
Outdoor Growing or Indoor DecorGrow bags can be use to create a nice garden in your backyard, inside house or anywhere you like for outdoor growing plant or indoor decoration. Also, when it's not in use, it is fordable for easy storage.High Quality MaterialEach bag is made of high quality non-woven fabric and durable sewing handles for easier, secure lifting and moving. It can be used for several years.Easy to Start GrowingIt's easy to set up your garden plants with few steps.1. Choose the proper size grow bag for your plants.2. Fill 1⁄3 of soil inside.3. Please your plants in the middle and continue soil filling.4. Filled soil and water it.5. Adjust the distance between plants.Growing Pot SuppliesWe produce premium quality of fabric grow bags, with good drainage and aeration, which create a perfect environment for root developing both indoor and outdoor.Hongville High Quality Thickened Non-woven Fabric Grow BagsThese Grow Bags with Handle are durable enough to last for multiple seasons of gardening while creating an oxygen healthy root system for the plant.Designed to allow roots to breathe, these grow bags stand up well to heavy harvests and can be used for soil or hydroponic applications both indoors and outdoors.It can provide excellent root zone aeration and drainage with less heat build-up. We can move plants easily with integrated handles. The Hongville Pot is the best growing container available!Size Litre Height Bottom(Diameter)1 Gallon 3.8L 18cm / 7.1" 15cm / 5.9" (with handles)2 Gallon 7.6L 20cm / 7.9" 20cm / 7.9" (with handles)3 Gallon 11L 25cm / 9.8" 22cm / 8.7" (with handles)5 Gallon 19L 30cm / 12" 25cm / 9.8" (with handles)7 Gallon 27L 35cm / 14" 30cm / 12" (with handles)10 Gallon 38L 40cm / 16" 30cm / 12" (with handles)20 Gallon 76L 55cm /22" 30cm / 12" (with handles)25 Gallon 95L 60cm / 24" 35cm / 14" (with handles)30 Gallon 114L 60cm / 24" 40cm /16" (with handles)Choice of Sizes & ColorChoose the optimal size for specific plants and to accommodate your individual garden. Our Hongville Aeration Fabric Grow Pots comes in a variety of color & sizes from 1 Gallon up to 400 Gallons.

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