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Hello to all! Before buying, please take 2-3 minutes to read everything. If you have questions, ask them. I will respond within 24 hours. If everything that I wrote is good for you, feel free to move forward with your purchase. This is a multi variation listing. If you ask me how much a certain Amiibo asks, I will respond telling you to go in the listing from a computer. You will select a drop down box. You will see the name and price of the figure. Put all that you want in your cart and purchase. Each buy it now is for 1 Amiibo. (WHAT YOU SELECTED) If the package is for 2, you will receive 2 Amiibos. If the package is for 3 Amiibos, you will receive 3 Amiibos. Unless indicated, all Amiibos are in US packaging. However, from the first Amiibo printed to today, Nintendo came out with many other prints. The Amiibo inside the box is the SAME but the box can change. Nintendo Switch didn't exist 5 years ago but it does now. Nintendo added "Switch" to the box. For example, Amiibos like Pikachu, Pit, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Marth, Lucina, etc., the first print was before Switch existed. The box now has Switch written on it but the Amiibo on the inside is still the same. The ones before Switch still work on the Switch because the Amiibo is the same ( SAME UPC). In some pictures, you will see a picture with 2 Amiibos to show the difference of the box. As written in the picture and I am writing it again, you will only receive ONE (the one that's available). It could be the first or second print but they are authentic, American Amiibos. VERY IMPORTANT: This listing is for BRAND NEW, NEVER OPENED Amiibos BUT The boxes could have any type of defect though. There could be folds, rips, stickers attached, the plastic could be squished, etc. So, it's a listing for someone who wants a brand new, genuine, authentic Amiibo but wants it to open and play with. PLEASE, IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THESE IN A BOX, DO NOT PURCHASE THESE OR SEND ME A MESSAGE BEFORE BUYING TO MAKE YOUR REQUESTS. Please know that I cannot guarantee a perfect or mint box. Only TURBO CHARGE DONKEY KONG with vehicle, HAMMER SLAM BOWSER ( standard & dark) with vehicle and Isabella and Digby with 3 cards (that comes from the Animal Crossing Bundle) are the only ones that don't have a box. They come from bundles or starter packs but they are new. In this listing, you will find all or almost all Amiibos that have come out so far. National shipping is free to you. I will ship in a box, no matter how many you buy. If you use a hub, just know that you need to buy insurance from them. International shipping through me is ebay global shipping ONLY. You pay the fees that are decided by ebay. If you want to buy more Amiibos and want to know the shipping cost, put them in your cart and update it. This cost is not decided by me because I receive $0 shipping money. I ship to the ebay global shipping hub in Kentucky and they ship to you. From my experience, it's a reliable and fast service. Please know that my prices are variable at any moment. It all depends on the market value and the quantity available. If you want to purchase and you like the price, purchase it now because the price could change multiple times, even in an hour's time. Many are sold out or will become sold out very soon. Thank you for reading all of this. I am ready to respond to messages within 24 hours. It may be sooner. Those who purchase from me--enjoy your purchase! $$$ I will add a small offer of 5% off if you purchase a minimum of 6 Amiibos. $$$ If you put a minimum of 6 Amiibos in your cart, ebay will automatically take off 5%. This is to thank you for purchasing multiple items from me. Have fun! The object for sale is ONE item (unless otherwise indicated) I prefer to take pictures of what I sell to show the buyer that the object is in my possession (the condition of the item's box could be different because I have more than one) Ask all the questions that you'd like and I promise to try to answer as best as I can. Finally, I ask that you please leave feedback when the object arrives. I will leave feedback only after I have received it. Thanks for reading! Buy in confidence! SHIPPING-TRACKING NUMBER AUTOMATICALLY APPEARS AFTER SHIPPED

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