BRANDYWINE BLACK TOMATO 125+ Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Very Large Fruit

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BrandFlorida Garden Seeds
TypeTomato Seeds, Non-GMO, Heirloom, Untreated
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Cultivating DifficultyVery Easy
BRANDYWINE BLACK TOMATO Seeds Sturdy plants that produce very large fruit, with solid, dense flesh. Plants produce fruits with shoulders that are a dusky, dark mahogany color that bleeds deeply into its flesh. The fruits are relatively large, globe to oblate shaped, and offer an excellent flavor. Botanical name: Solanum lycopersicum Seed Type: Non-GMO Seed Origin: United StatesGermination Rate: 85% Germination Tested: 10/20 Days To Germination: 4 Days To Maturity: 90 You will receive 1/8 TSP, which is approximately 125 seeds, but it could actually be a few more/less seed. The tomato is native to western South America and Central America. Native versions were small, like cherry tomatoes, and most likely yellow rather than red. While tomatoes are botanically berry type fruits, they are considered culinary vegetables. The tomato plant belongs to the nightshade family, which includes eggplants, peppers, and potatoes. Tomatoes were also thought to be poisonous by Europeans who were suspicious of their bright, shiny fruit.About Us Your purchase supports an old veteran, and a grouchy woman, that I met while stationed in Germany. Your positive feedback means everything to us. If you have any questions or concerns after receiving your items, please contact us right away. We are happy to address any concerns that you may have. Please, always give us the opportunity to do so prior to leaving anything less than a 5 star feedback. PINK STUFFER TOMATO$2.25 LARGE RED CHERRY TOMATO$2.25 COUSTRALEE TOMATO$2.25 TRIP L CROP TOMATO$2.25 MR STRIPEY TOMATO$2.25 HOMESTEAD TOMATO$2.25 ROMA TOMATO$2.25 KENTUCKY BEEFSTEAK TOMATO$2.25 CHEROKEE PURPLE TOMATO$2.25 RED BEEFSTEAK TOMATO$2.25 BRANDYWINE PINK TOMATO$2.25 ARKANSAS TRAVELER TOMATO$2.25 BIG RAINBOW TOMATO$2.25 AMISH PASTE TOMATO$2.25 GOLDEN JUBILEE TOMATO$2.25 Planting Guide Vegetable CropSpace Seeds Apart in RowsDistance Between RowsDepth to Plant Seed in InchesDays to Germ. (Approximately)Days to Mature Crop Broccoli18-24"24-36"1/4"10100-130 Cabbage12-18"24-36"1/4"975-80 Cantaloupes3-4"6-8'1"785-90 Carrots1-3"18-24"1/4"8100-120 Cauliiflower18-24"24-36"1/4"10120-150 Collards12-24"18-24"1/4"1060-90 Cucumber1-3"3-6'1"760-90 Eggplant18-24"24-36"1/4"10120-130 Kale12-24"18-24"1/4"1050-60 Lettuce6-12"18-24"1/8"760-90 Mustards12-24"18-24"1/4"750-60 Onions, Dry Stage2-3"15-30"1/4"10140-180 Peppers15-20"18-30"1/4"1075-120 Radish1"12-18"1/2"628-36 Rutabaga6-8"18-24"1/2"970-100 Tomato18-36"3-6'1/4"860-90 Highest Germination Rates It is very important to keep your seeds consistently moist until they germinate. Moist like a damp sponge. Also we do not recommend direct seeding of tomatoes, peppers, or eggplants, as they are the hardest seeds to germinate. Please use a controlled environment like a seed starter tray with a dome, or the paper towel method (the method we use most often to test germination). Highest germination results best between 70° and 85° fahrenheit.

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