Bird 43 Thruline Peak PEP WattMeter Element Kit / 2x 5x Multiplier New

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Compatible BrandBird 4300-405
TypePEP kit
MPNPEP 2x 5x
OVER 2,500 SOLD Up for sale is a PEP/Peak 2x/5x multipier kit and not any wattmeters seen. We use only high quality chips, and parts in making this kit; also, and most important, this unit does not use solid wire and or CAT5/6 like other sellers. We use stranded wire as its less likely to break when installing. This pep kit is linear, works 100% to Bird 4300-400 pep board specs, and best of all USA made. New, and improved installing method. Instead of drilling holes in the side/front of meter, or using a glue in chip to side element hole of the wattmeter that the other seller uses for there switches, and in most cases break loose; We have a new round pug that's held in with your element nut on the side of wattmeter. This will work on New and Old bird meters with the plastic, and or metal element tabs. This new round plastic plug is gray to blend with meter, and also makes switches stick out better for easier access. Why spend more money and get less???? all you need is here, and more. This will allow you to read PEP (SSB) power and still allow the wattmeter to read Average (CW) power. The circuit board mounts on the meter PLUS and MINUS terminals and the switches and LED mount in one of the spare holes with gray cap and or drill holes one the side of the meter. This KIT will also work in other wattmeters like the Coaxial Dynamics 30ua meters. The kit can be removed and the Bird 43 returned to original condition without any holes or extra switches showing. This KIT will also work in wattmeters that have a 100ua or 200ua meter like those made by Heathkit, Drake, and Collins, comes with schematic to change over if you wish to. In addition to the PEP function, this circuit board also has a two-position Element Range extender circuit. It will allow you to read up to five times the power the Element is calibrated for – the two positions are user definable. Don’t worry about calibration, because this board also contains an on-board calibrator circuit. No external source of power is required to set any of the five functions of this board – (calibrate, PEP set, hang time, range extender settings one and two) - you can calibrate everything with just a small screwdriver. The whole kit comes already wired and “ball park” calibrated – nothing to hook up except the coax from the line section. Nothing extra to buy – all is included – even a fresh 9 volt battery – Instructions, schematic. This has been tested and works as it should. IMPORTANT: If you have an Aftermarket bird meter face that this pep/peak kit will be installed on, Please tell us as we will calibrate for you before shipping, as we are the only dealer for this kit that can calibrate for these type of aftermarket meters. To anyone that bought this pep kit before 12/28/2015, and wants the new side mounting gray pug, we can ship it for $6, Please email us and we will send a paypal invoice for shipping, thanks.Make Payment by of PayPal. I will ship World Wide, by USPS priority mail, and or ground for bigger boxes. Payment with in 5 days, and will combine shipping when possible. Thank You.To my international buyers, I have been having problems with the Post Office/ Customs holding product for up to 45 days. In most cases it only takes 10 to 15 day to receive your package, but 1 out of 10 buyers will have there stuff sit at Chicago IL, USA Customs for up to 45 days. Buyers be for warned this could happen to you.

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