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Bonhams 1992 Flower & Garden Pictures & Related items Bonhams – London Sale title – Flower and Garden Paintings & Related items Date – 20th May 1992 No. of lots – 365 No. of pages – 45 Illustrated in color & black and white INDEX Ackroyd L Adiims Albert A S M Allingham H Angell H C Astley M It Bailey F V Bale C T Bancroft L M Bara M Bayfield F J Beaton C Bell T Bennett G Berg E Berrie J A A Biddle L Billin E S Birch S J L Black A J Blackiock E Bowen O Bradshaw C Bridge E Broom M Buxton S H Bywater E Carter W Carver G E Cawthorne C Chaleye J Clare G Clare J Clare O Clough T Collier T F Colvin M Continental School Continental School Cooper G Coudcr G E Craig E Crawford R C Crowe B Dahl H dc Breanski A de Tivolic A Dcbrus J Delan J Dick E Dogarlh Drumaux A Du Cane E Dullicld M E Dumont A C Edwards M S Ensor M Felipe D Fischer C H Forsyth L Fourncrie A Fowler T F Fox S P French School German School Gibb S A Gordon Smith D Grane G B Grazione A P Green M Greenwood L Guidotta V Hachet M Haines K S a Haslchust E W Hayward A Hcgg T M neede Landcrscl Heiner K Holsce C V Houseman E Howarth C W Hurd M Huxford E A James F Jarscn Jensen Professor circle of Jephson E Jcwsbury F Johns C S Kamena? Kennedy C circle of Kennedy C Kindbcrg A M Kinsky N Kovacivic H Lagron T L Lancaster P Latham I Lawson C Le Beiz L Le Blond V attributed to Lee C A R Lee P Lindquist H Lintott E B or Miss K Loudon T Lucas A D Ludlow EE Maniar Beloruchev V Maris S H Martin L Matthews J Meadows C Meekly F G Millais Sir J E Miller J Miniar Beloruchcv V Mitchell H Montefiore C Monticclli A Morwcnick A Moscr M manner of Mucklcy W J Murphy M N* E S Naftel Ncwsomc D Nibor A Y Nikolsky A Noble J Norman J Oddic M E Oliver C Osborn E Osborne E Pakenham J Park S a Parsons B Pieter G Pissarro P Pollard A Pope E L Powell L Y Prout M F R** F Rayncr D Rayncr G Reekie W M Renaud M Richtcr H D Robb L Rowc E A Russell G Schletter Scott H Scddon H Segger P J Sherrin D Shorthouse A C Silas L N Silas L Slater C H Smart E R Smart E R Spencer F Stanard T Stanesby A Stannard H J S Stannard H Stannard L Steele E Stone M A Strachan C Such M C Sunqua Sweeting D Terlouw C Troy M Van Os Volley N Walker A G Walker D L Walker W Walter A Warrington E Wheeler D Willock J S Wilmoth a Wilson M E Wood F M Wood W T Woods A Woods A Wright S Selling Auction Catalogues to Collectors, Dealers and Museums since 1999 - THE friendly, helpful source for your auction catalogue needs. Please contact us by email through ebay or phone (0044 1225 829 090 during UK business hours) for any enquiries you may have about this or other items. You will receive a rapid response.We sell used auction catalogues and a selection of Art books. Wherever possible we indicate if a catalogue has prices written in or if there is any obvious damage. The vast majority of our catalogues are in excellent condition and some have never been opened. Any books not in usable state are not offered for sale. We use registered airmail for all parcels which are sent out from our depot in India. Parcels usually take 1 - 2 weeks to arrive at your selected destination. All parcels are shipped within 1 working day of payment being received. Lists of prices realized are generally available for Sotheby's, Christie's and Bonhams catalogues published since 1999 on the website of the relevant auction house free of charge. Many of our catalogues already have printed prices realized lists but if this is essential for you please enquire before buying if a price list is available. This business is registered in England at Wessex House, 40 Station Road, Westbury BA13 3JN, Wiltshire. Registered number 9917970. VAT no. GB 236615017. Catalogues and books are zero rated for VAT purposes in the UK and in many countries of the world. There is usually no duty to pay on your purchases. However, we cannot be held liable should any VAT or import duty become liable on your purchases.

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