Chip Tuning Box VW Phaeton 5.0 TDI PD 313 HP 230 kW 2002-2006 Engine AJS PD

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ProRacing ChipBox PD . CHIPTUNING BOX ANALOG PD CONDITION: NEW USE: DIESEL ENGINES WITH UNIT INJECTORS (PD) IN THE KIT: CHIP, WARRANTY CARD, WARRANTY: 24 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE Increase in power even by 35Bhp. Car reaches higher maximum speed, better acceleration, better dynamics and responds better for the gas pedal. Torque rise from 30 to even 70 Nm Auto achieves higher maximal speed, better acceleration, improved driving dynamics, is more responsive to the gas pedal. Chip reduces fuel consumption by approximately 0.4-1.4L /100KM at constant driving style. When installing the ProRacing chip you also care about the environment. If you have a computer in the car showing fuel consumption, you will notice that the car, which up to now was burning when idling, for example, 0,7L/100KM, now after installing the chip consumes 0,5L/100KM - that is, whenever you're standing at a traffic light or pedestrian crossing you economize the fuel and less pollute the environment. Eliminates turbo lag in cars with turbine. It doesn't cause excessive fumes emanation. It has a wide, precise and very accurate power adjustment. The electronic circuit of the chip is surrounded by epoxy resin, waterproof, perfectly protected from moisture, dust, oily coating. Chip does not crash, is resistant to dirt or moisture which can cause damage to the device. Chip is made from good quality and heat-resistant materials. With the "plug and play" connectors the mounting is easy and takes only a few minutes.*. After removing the chip the car returns to factory settings. 2 YEARS WARRANTY! SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! MONEY BACK! GUARANTEE! ProRacing CHIPTUNING BOX ANALOG PD for Volkswagen cars with TDi PD engines. VolksWagen TDi engines fitment guides and before/after tuning results comparison. MODEL OF CARSTANDARDWITH MODULE VOLKSWAGENBHP(CV) NMBHP(CV) NM BORA 1.9 TDI100240132305 BORA 1.9 TDI115310147375 BORA 1.9 TDI130310162375 BORA 1.9 TDI150320182385 GOLF IV 1.9 TDI100240132305 GOLF IV 1.9 TDI115310147375 GOLF IV 1.9 TDI130310162375 GOLF IV 1.9 TDI150320182385 GOLF V 1.9 TDI105250137325 GOLF V 2.0 TDI140320172385 JETTA 1.9 TDI105250137325 JETTA 2.0 TDI140320172385 LUPO 1.2 TDI6014092175 LUPO 1.4 TDI75195107240 MULTIVAN T5 1.9 TDI85200117235 MULTIVAN T5 1.9 TDI105250137325 MULTIVAN T5 2.5 TDI130310162375 MULTIVAN T5 2.5 TDI175400212475 PASSAT 1.9 TDI100240132305 PASSAT 1.9 TDI105250137325 PASSAT 1.9 TDI115310147375 PASSAT 2.0 TDI136335168405 PASSAT 2.0 TDI140320172385 PASSAT 2.0 TDI170350202405 POLO 1.4 TDI70155102220 POLO 1.4 TDI75195107240 POLO 1.4 TDI80195112230

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