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Over 20 years experience in tuning 30-sec plug&drive ecu-software tuning 2 Years no limit engine warranty We are currently operating as normal and orders are being processed and dispatched on a daily basisBrand new 2021 edition with new generation performance software ECU-Software tuning: Chipbox from market leader and test winner ECU-Software tuning: Software exclusively tailored to your car ECU-Software tuning: First and the only direct ECU-tuning 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE QUALITY PRODUCT 90 DAYS RETURNS NO LIMIT ENGINE WARRANTY FREE OF CHARGE EXPRESS SHIPPING PROMOTION FOR A LIMITED TIME ONY!!! RRP: 299USDPacket content: Original ECU-Software tuning Chipbox Original new generation performance-software Original new generation eco-software Original cable set with 9 and 16-pin plug User manual in 5 languages Product manufacturer warranty certificate ECU-Software Tuning Chipbox benefits:The ECU-Software Tuning Chipbox offers high performance with complete safety. Our tuning products have always the latest hardware and software available in the chip-tuning industry. The ECU-Software Tuning Chipbox comes with engine-specific software exclusively tailored to your car. Up to 25% more horse power: higher max. speed Up to 25% more torque: more force to either accelerate or pull a load with Up to 20% mpg savings Individual fine-tuning maps: 10 automatic settings available Safety Engine Protect Software Engine warranty: 2 years no limit engine protectionSmooth ride and turbo-hole removal Installation:Customer test winner: the fastest and easiest product installation!!!DIY 30-seconds Plug and Drive installation. ECU-Software tuning Chipbox is connected directly via diagnostic port which is required to be within 2 feet (0.6 meter) of the steering wheel. All cars manufactured after 1999 are equipet with it. Untracebale:A major advantage of a tuning box is the lack of trace. The box is, literally, fitted to the vehicle to change the signal from the ECU. It can be removed once you change cars or go to the garage with the vehicle returning to standard. On the other hand, However, permanent remapping is evident, and manufacturers can see that you have done so. For those that do have their car through lease or under warranty, you should avoid such process.ECU-Software Tuning Chipbox vs permanent remapping Info Improving engine performance is fast becoming a popular hobby for many motorists - especially today as car modification can even be done at home. As such, the old age argument of tuning boxes or remapping has reared its head. Tuners, petrolheads and car forums have long been arguing and discussing the potential for both when it comes to improving engine performance, torque and power, yet many are still unsure of the route to take. However, we are answering the argument once and for all… Info Tech in the car industryTuning boxes and car remapping are just several examples of technology reforming the car industry. For instance, the automotive industry and technology companies have been working hand in hand for many years, to deliver the most innovative, hard working and safe vehicles. Cars are, largely, becoming smart devices with better fuel efficiency and more. Tuning boxes, for example, are popular for this reason, altering the ECU to provide more power. However, while we wait for driverless cars and the like, you can still enhance your vehicle and satisfy your need for speed.How do I improve my car performance?When it comes to enhancing power in your diesel or petrol engine, there are two primary routes to alter the ECU: tuning box or car remapping. The ECU-Software Chipbox tuning - designed for both petrol and diesel engines - works by changing the signal between the ECU software and the injection system. The alteration ‘tricks’ the ECU into increasing the quantity of fuel injected, enabling it to boost pressure, therefore resulting in more torque and power. Car remapping directly alters the ECU software. The remapping procedure is entirely permanent - many dealerships will find evidence the car has been modified.Tuning boxes vs remapping As mentioned above, technology is rapidly changing the face of the automotive industry. We’re also seeing more of a turn towards car leasing. Today, the number of UK cars on the road through a lease purchase is at its highest ever recorded, growing to 1.343 million in 2017 alone. The business sector has experienced a rapid increase of 8,000, equating to a 0.6 per cent growth, year on year. Therefore, the stats suggest a car tuning box - outlined below - is a more suitable option than vehicle remapping. Info DIY tuningWhen it comes to installation, a ECU-Software tuning Chipbox takes mere seconds. You can install the box yourself. While there are professionals able to help install the box, there is no reason you cannot do it yourself - even without professional tutoring or previous skillset. However, modify the ECU and remap your car yourself, and you could be causing more damage than good. In fact, you could cause irreparable damage to the engine and void your warranty.WarrantyAs mentioned earlier, a car remapping can void your warranty - you must be careful. Each new car will come with a warranty as standard, with varying lengths. However, most will last for an average of three years. The objective for the warranty is to ensure mechanicals, such as the engine, gearbox and electrical system, work as they should. As the engine is covered in the warranty, you could be running the risk of losing money by modifying the ECU. The ECU, essentially, controls how the engine works. A remapping then works by permanently altering the software to enhance torque and power. The values in the map are re-written, and undeniable evidence is left on the ECU. Today, technology is being used to pick this type of modification up automatically on the dealer diagnostic tool, immediately informing HQ - without even the need for the dealership to do so. Therefore, the manufacturer can see this and, of course, void the warranty. As long as you remove your ECU-Software tuning Chipbox before a dealer visit, there should be no trace it was ever installed. New Generation ECU-Software Tuning Chipbox product functions description Info An internal combustion engine is essentially a big air pump that powers itself using fuel. As the air is sucked in, enough fuel has to be provided to create power to sustain the engine’s operation while having a useful amount left over to propel the car when required. This combination of air and fuel is called a ‘mixture’. Too much mixture and the engine will be full throttle, too little and the engine will not be able to power itself or the car.Not only is the amount of mixture important, but the ratio of that mixture has to be correct. Too much fuel - too little oxygen, and the combustion is dirty and wasteful. Too little fuel - too much oxygen makes the combustion slow and weak.The only way to meet these strict requirements is to hand over control of the engine to an ECU, the Engine Control Unit. The ECU has the job of controlling the fuel injection, ignition and ancillaries of the engine using digitally stored equations and numeric tables, rather than by analogue means. Precise fuel managementAn ECU has to deal with many variables when deciding the correct mixture ratio.· Engine demand· Engine/Coolant temperature· Air temperature· Fuel temperature· Fuel quality· Varying filter restriction· Air pressure· Engine pumping efficiencyThese require a number of sensors to measure such variables and apply them to logic in the programming of the ECU to determine how to correctly compensate for them.Because of the strict emissions regulations now in force, there are many other systems on an engine that help to reduce fuel consumption and/or environmental impact. These include:· Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)· Catalytic converter and Selective Catalytic Reduction· Exhaust Air Injection Reaction (AIR)· Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)· Fuel Stratification· Exhaust Additive Injection (Such as AdBlue)· Evaporative emissions control (EVAP)· Turbocharging and supercharging· Hybrid powertrain systems· Variable Valvetrain Control (Such as VTEC or MultiAir)· Variable Intake Control Each of the above systems affect engine operation in some way and as a consequence need to be under full control of the ECU. Info How does an ECU work?An ECU is often referred to as the ‘brain’ of the engine. It is essentially a computer, a switching system and power management system in a very small case. To perform even on a basic level, it has to incorporate 4 different areas of operation.· Input This typically includes temperature and pressure sensors, on/off signals and data from other modules within the vehicle and is how an ECU collects the information it needs to make decisions.An example of an input would be a Coolant Temperature sensor, or an Accelerator Pedal Position sensor. Requests from the Antilock Brake System (ABS) module may also be considered, such as for the application of traction control.· ProcessingOnce the data has been collected by the ECU, the processor must determine output specifications, such as fuel injector pulse width, as directed by the software stored within the unit. The processor not only reads the software to decide the appropriate output, it also records its own information, such as learned mixture adjustments and mileage.· Output The ECU can then perform an action on the engine, allowing the correct amount of power to control actuators precisely.· These can include controlling fuel injector pulse width, exact timing of the ignition system, opening of an electronic throttle body or the activation of a radiator cooling fan.· Power ManagementBasic ECU functionThe first stage of ECU operation is in fact power management. This is where various voltages are regulated and the power-up of the ECU is handled. Once the correct voltages are supplied, the microprocessors can begin to boot up. Here the main microprocessor reads software from the memory and performs a self-check. It then reads data from the numerous sensors on the engine and converts them into useful information. This information is often transmitted over the CANbus – your car’s internal computer network – to other electronic modules.Once the main microprocessor has interpreted this information, it refers to the numeric tables or formulae within the software and activates outputs as required. The operation of the main processor inside the ECU and the activation of many outputs is overseen by a monitoring microprocessor – essentially a second computer that makes sure the main computer is doing everything correctly. If the monitoring microprocessor is not happy with any aspect of the ECU, it has the power to reset the whole system or shut it down completely. The use of the monitoring processor became imperative with the application of drive-by-wire throttle control due to safety concerns should the main microprocessor develop a fault. Info Electronic Throttle ControlWith efficiency of engine operation and efficiency in car assembly moving forward, electronic throttle control was introduced. This sped up the manufacture of a car (no stiff throttle cables passing through the firewall), it removed the need for an Idle Air Control valve and it allowed the engine ECU additional control over the engine for improved EGR function, improved control over engine shutdown and improved starting. One important advantage of electronic throttle control is that the ECU can adjust the throttle angle during acceleration to compliment the actual airflow through the engine. This improves the speed at which the air passes through the intake and provides gains in torque and drivability. This is known as torque-mapping and is only possible with electronic throttle control. Shipping and Handling Info Always free of charge DHL Express shipping worldwide.Customer duty free orders for all customers outsider of EU zone.Shipping time in Europe: 1-2 working daysShipping time worldwide: 2-4 working days We always use the address on your PayPal account at the time of order. Please ensure this is your prefered delivery address and your contact details are accurateas we are unable to change the details once you have paid for your order. We provide cracking number so you can check your order status on DHL Tracking website. Info Failed delivery attempts will be carded and shown on the courier-tracking page.You must contact the courier to arrange re-delivery or collection.Please be aware that we cannot accept liability for any expenses incurred because of delayed or unsuccessful deliveries.We will always endeavour to get your purchases to you within the delivery timescale specified, however, we cannot guarantee that deliveries will be made within this period, nor accept liability for deliveries that are made outside of it.All orders are being dispatched after receiving cleared payment.An order placed before the cut off time for the day (12.30PM) would be dispatched the same day.Please bear in mind that we don't process orders or ship on Saturdays and Sundays. We would greatly appreciate it if you keep that in mind when making an order and contacting us first if you have any concerns regarding the delivery time. Your satisfaction is our greatest priority and you can be sure we will try to solve any issues that you might have. Returns Info RETURNS POLICYWe are committed to selling high-quality, original and unique products we hope that you'll enjoy using, but we also know that, for one reason or another, there may be a time when you need to return something you've bought.If you change your mind, or any of our products fall below the standard you would expect, and you wish to return the item, you must notify us within 30 days from the purchase date.Please contact us through eBay messages (don’t open a request) to request a return.We are happy to refund the item providing it is returned unused, in its original packaging with all accessories. Your satisfaction is our greatest priority and you can be sure we will try to solve any issues that you might have. Info EXCLUSIVE 90 DAYS RETURNS POLICYWe are committed to selling high-quality, original and unique products we hope that you'll enjoy using, but we also know that, for one reason or another, there may be a time when you need to return something you've bought.We are happy to refund the item providing it is returned unused, in its original packaging with all accessories.Your satisfaction is our greatest priority and you can be sure we will try to solve any issues that you might have. Terms and Conditions apply.

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