Computer mouse pad gaming mousepad large gamer xxl carpet pc desk mat for home

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Function 19mausepad xxl,large computer mouse pad
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TypeMouse Pad
Function 2computer mousepad,computer mouse pad,
StyleRadiation Protection
Function 3computer mausepad,computer mause pad
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Function 4gaming mouse pad,gaming mousepad
Function 5gaming mause pad,gaming mausepad
Size 1400*900 mm
Size 2300*800 mm
Size 3300*700 mm
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Function 16mouse carpet,mause carpet,xxl mouse pad
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Size 4250*350 mm
Function 18mauspad,mouse pad xxl,mousepad xxl,mause pad xxl
Gaming Mouse Pad Gamer Mousepad XXL Mouse Mat Large Desk Mat Computer Keyboard Game Play Mat Mause Carpet Gaming Mouse Pad Item Description Features【SPACIOUS】 the mouse pad is large enough to accommodate both mouse and keyboard. 【SMOOTH SURFACE】Thick cloth padding allows for optimum speed and accurate control while gaming. 【PREMIUM DESIGN】Featuring an anti-slip rubber base, this pad will not slide while in use. 【COMFORT】Extremely comfortable to mouse on, eliminates uneven surfaces.Fits full-sized keyboards. Specifications1: Designed by gamers, great to use for gaming/office work 2 : NO RGB Version Thickness = 2 mm 3: Supports full-sized keyboard with more than enough room for mouse, keyboard 4: Low Friction: Smooth Surface For SPEED , Anti-slip Rubber base 5 : Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities NOTES1:the mouse pad was made of Rubber , it is Flexible , so the size will be affected by the Outside temperature and environment , the deviation of 1-1.5 cm is normal 2 : it is cloth surface , it is too hard to print all over the coutry cleraly like the world map on cloth surface , so a little country will simplify Computer Mouse Pad Gaming Mouse Pad Gamer Mouse Mat Large Mause Pad for Computer Mousepad Carpet XXL Desk Mat Mauspad 900x400 Payment safe payment via paypal Shipping Free Worldwide Shipping Return 30 Day's returns

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