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KUDA phone console for VW Phaeton from 05/2002 KUDA’S phone console – complete solution. Offered console is made from eco leather. I offer a phone console for VW Phaeton from 05/2002 The console is made for a given vehicle model and fits perfectly with a car cockpit. The producer is a well-known German company Kuda Phonebase, leader in european car accessories market.  This brand is known  for reliability and high quality of products. Manufacturer's website: http://www.telefonkonsolen-shop.de/  The producer's offer also includes navigation consoles. (We provide them as well). No idea what to do with your phone while driving a car? Do you want to have it close during travel or short trip? It’s about time to buy a Kuda phone console that is perfectly matched to the interior of your car! Kuda’s (console) security concept: By using the kuda installation system, you control everything, especially your phone.  You are able to use your device without changing the position behind the wheel and keeping an eye on what is happening on the road. In addition, Kuda Phonebase consoles are extremely safe and easy to use: they do not have sharp edges, they are not flammable, in case of an accident they don’t fall to small sharp pieces. This is the well-thought-out concept of security.  Individual solutions Each type of vehicle has its own individual characteristics. We are prepared for it and that's why we offer special fixing systems for every car brand. Users can be sure that the console will fit perfectly into his car. Attractive look Kuda Phonebase products are not only safe and easy to use, but also have an interesting and modern appearance. We offer individual solutions tailored to the interior of each vehicle. At this auction, we sell a console made of black eco leather. Easy mountage Consoles manufactured by KUDA Phonebase are simple to setup. Even amateur can handle it. We guarantee that they will keep well without drilling any holes. We also offer holders for the phone and console mount systems ( they are not included in set!) Attention! The one and only object of this offer is KUDA phone console, without the holder and phone visualized in presented picture! THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE PHOTO! On special request, other color and leather versions are available. The price and availability will be given after contacting us. Don’t hesitate to ask! We can prepare a tailor-made offer especially for you. As a official reseller, we can offer you perfect solutions for your individual requirements! We have many years of experience in the automotive sector. In addition, we offer a wide range of products and  services. In all cases, we work exactly to your specifications. Contact us to discuss you ideas and wishes with our team. We would be delighted to provide you with an offer for your special requirements!   Magicauto ul. Jagodowa 53 62-028 Bytkowo MARCIN +48 601 737 472 We are open Mon-Fri from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm allegro@magicauto.pl ADAM +48 510 109 952

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