Luma Nessla Electric Synth 7/7 Green Stats Incredible Stats

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Ships FromEibergen

Release Year2019
PublisherHumble Bundle
GenreMonster Catching
Game NameTemtem
This is a Luma Nessla that has the Electric Synthesis trait (preferred trait) with 7 out of 7 GREEN STATS! This is an extremely rare and valuable luma.If you order this we will generally try to deliver it within 20 MINUTES, but if we are offline at the time of order it might take up to six hours for us to contact you. We will message you and give a location to meet in-game where we can then make the trade. SPECIAL DEALIf you order this Luma Nessla, we will include 5(FIVE) Luma Fomus for FREEThat's 5 lumas included completely for free!

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