Outdoor Solar Fountain Powered Water Pump Bird Bath Pond Floating Garden Pool

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ModelFloating Fountain
Modified ItemNo
Country/Region of ManufactureCanada
Custom BundleNo
MaterialABS + PE
Power SourceSolar
Max Flow quantity ofPump200L/h
TypeFloating Fountain
Features:Easy to Use, Solar Panel
Occasion:Bird Bath, Fish Tank, Small Pond, Garden Decoratio
MPNDoes Not Apply
Welcome to our store! Quality is the first with best service. customers all are our friend Fast and Free Shipping From Calgary (CANADA)Description Garden floating fountain is a solar-powered decorative fountain. It is made up of highly efficient solar panel and brushless pump, start-up fast, efficient and stable. Placing the pump in the water without external battery or electric outlet. Add fun and joy to your yard or garden with this amazing solar powered fountain pump kit! They can be used in garden, yard, park, and every where have a pond. Features - Color: Black.- Material: Engineering plastics.- Size: About 16 * 16 * 3.2 cm/ 6.3 * 6.3 * 1.26 inch(L*W*H).- Solar Panel: 9V/2.4W.- Water Pump Output: DC 4.5-12V.- Maximum Flow: 200L/h.- Maximum Lift: 100cm.- Maximum Spraying Height: 40-60cm.- Four Kinds of nozzles attached for change.- Eco-Friendly Solar Fountain Pump: runs automatically, no battery or electricity needed.- Floating design- just put the fountain pump on the water, then just wait it turn on and work automatically.- Multi-Application: bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen.- 4 different outlet covers - aim to create various water splashing types and save water.- Detachable water pump - easy to remove and clean regularly to extend the using life. Package Includes:1 x Solar Power Fountain Pump1 x A pouch of fittings (Nozzles inside) Notes: Matters needing attention: 1. The solar fountain is directly driven by the sun. Put the solar panel in the high-intensity sun, preferably facing the sun directly. The height of the water depends on the strength of the sun. When the sun is weak, the water pump will not work continuously, but will automatically start repeatedly, until the sun reaches a certain strength, the water pump will resume continuous work.And you need to be in an area of unobstructed sunlight to work best (no shadows or clouds). 2. Please keep the water clean and clean the water pump regularly to prevent the suction pump of the water pump from working normally due to foreign matters. The pool water needs to be completely cleaned. If the water quality is not good, the sun plate of the fountain will grow moss, which will also affect the absorption of sunlight and water pump. 3. Dehydration will wear the parts of the pump, The pump must be immersed in water´╝îand the pump cannot be dehydrated for a long time, or the service life of the pump will be shortened. When the pump is just immersed in water, due to the air pump, it is recommended to insert the water gun into the pump after it is normal. 4. Fast start. When the sun shines on the solar panel, the fountain pump will start automatically within 3 seconds. 5. Choose the best nozzle (size and depth) for your bird bath to avoid water gushing out. You need to replenish water frequently. How To Install

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