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SunlightFull Sun
Country/Region of ManufactureVietnam
USDA Hardiness Zone (°F)9 (20 to 30 °F)
Season of InterestSpring
Soil pHNeutral
Soil TypeSilt
Can you eat really original Rugua Vietnam Vietnam Rugua is not to eat, because in the beginning, the Vietnamese Rugua is similar to female breast art in Vietnam to ornament properties. It is made from silica gel and other synthetic materials, it is not good at all. But in recent years, Vietnam has developed similar to the Vietnam Rugua vegetables, it is edible, which is similar to the domestic gourd food, taste crisp, taste tempting, especially delicious. Vietnam imported milk melon seeds, can his stallion, suggest other wall, being seen will smile dead. 
 Seedling stage please water three times a week, sprout after can reduce the amount of water, can appropriate some compound fertilizer and so on, the effect will be better. This melon for spring planting summer fruit, edible in July, the taste is good oh. 
 This is a kind of towel gourd vines of the "plant". It resembles the shape of a woman's breasts that, first planted in Goethe Cafe (Goethe Cafe). The museum is Germany's Goethe Institute (German Goethe Institute). Said the school is located in Hanoi goey RuanHou Street (Nguyen Thai Hoc Street). Surprisingly, there appear a lot of people in the past few days. 
 Here, all of those "towel gourd" are elongated. They pinkish landscape, just like human skin, rather than the common species of green. This kind of fruit and the vines in bamboo rack up the wall "growth". Cafe, they create a kind of novel and feeling of nature of press close to. 
 Artists blend in art of fruits and vegetables, and succeeded in perfect combination. This is a kind of Vietnam rural life will not lack of vegetables and fruits. Nguyen thi bosom art theme of the poem is to women's rights and power of information. In the modern world, she has adopted a more open perspective.

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